Less Than A Week & In Love: The End

Back in May you questioned how I could be in love in four days. Yes, in four days I had fallen in love with a man that goes by many names. To me he was just my love.

About a month in I realized this new found love of mine had major characteristic flaws. My lover was loud, always overcrowded with people in his space, he had too many other options, sometimes he smelled horribly, he was annoyingly big and terribly moody. Strangely, he never allowed me to drive either, it was always ‘Take the E train to 42nd transfer to the 2 headed Downtown and get off at Clark Street.’ But those same flaws never provoked me to pack my bags and abandon him.

Our relationship seemed to be on-again off again for many reasons. Mostly because of how different this was than anything I had ever experienced. Even though it was different, I loved him more than all of the ones that came before him. He brought out those attributes that many never see. Instantly he taught me the importance of networking & building relationships. He introduced me to people that most will only be able to google. With so many people competing for a spot in my new man’s life, I learned the art of hustling. I’m not talking about hustling to make a dollar here and there, although that is always helpful. But the hustling I’m referring to was the hustle of being remembered, being unique, making your mark. No matter how many other people enter into his life, which many will, I will be the one that always has a place in his heart.

Besides what he taught me, he had so much to offer. I’m talking about entire avenues dedicated to shops, fine dining, Broadway shows, walks in humungous parks, rooftop parties, fashion shows, block parties and the mecca of fashion, he was. He exposed me to a world that was more surreal than I ever imagined. There was never a dull moment while I was with him.

But all along I knew this love affair was only temporary. From the moment I laid eyes on him I knew this was the beginning of something that would soon end. Unfortunately, that end approached faster than I was prepared for.

I’d dreamt about meeting this man since I was 14. I wanted to experience everything the TV and movies said he had to offer. In my heart I believe we were always meant to be.

Once I met him I quickly realized all the preconceived notions about him couldn’t be more wrong. He was no ruder than other guys. None of his boys ever tried to rob me or grab me coercing me into some back alley. My dude had taken me to the worst parts of his state and never once did I feel unsafe. So now, when somebody talks about my man, I can confidently shut down all of the half-truths and flat out lies.

Tonight I am saddened that we have come to an end. Not because of irreconcilable differences. Or infidelity. And we’re not over because he treated me poorly. We’re only done because the time has come that he and I always knew would.

My man has been often imitated but never duplicated. Many have tried, but no one will compare to my boo. Nothing in the world like him.

For the first time in my life I can say I have no regrets about meeting you and falling madly in love. My dreams have never seemed more alive, attainable, close to being achieved than they have since we’ve started kicking it. After only four days I knew I was in love. In the words of Raheem Devaughn, “You’re my soul-ol ol ol mate, with this ring I pledge to be with you.”

Because I know this isn’t the end of our love affair, rather a temporary separation, I will not say goodbye. Instead I’ll say…

Until the next time we meet.

New York, te quiero.

  • King Solomon

    o, this may b the best 1! damn u got some good talent

    • writingwhileblack

      🙂 Thank you…it’s one of my favs too.

  • gitty

    nice i finally got to read it nice work!!!


  • Chela

    LOVE this!