On the Eve of Christmas

In recognition of Christ’s birth it was only right.

As Christmas approaches many of us indulge in consumerism while forgetting the real meaning of Christmas. On Christmas Eve I drove down Gallatin Road and witnessed the massive amount of people at K-Mart, Best Buy and Rivergate Mall. You would have thought these stores were giving away free Plasma Tv’s with the number of cars in their parking lots. I thought to myself how America has capitalized on yet another man made holiday.

Christmas hasn’t been my favorite holiday since I was about 12. This Christmas in particular I haven’t really been in the Christmas spirit for more reason than one. For one my family is extremely non-traditional. My mother didn’t even put up a Christmas tree. I covet those families where everything is centered around the kitchen. Cooking large meals has never been my family’s forte. Another reason Christmas hasn’t exactly been a joyful time for me is the fact that my Dad’s side of the family, including my father, conveniently forgets how to dial numbers or send Christmas cards.

Without going in depth about all my personal business, there are several other reasons I have been walking around like the grinch who stole Christmas. I have caught myself complaining, coveting others’ lives, snapping and finding every way possible to be in a pissy mood.

About an hour before Christmas I start thinking, ‘what if I didn’t have any family to spend the holiday’s with?’ What if my family was so poor we couldn’t afford to exchange gifts? What if I was terminally ill and had to spend Christmas in the hospital? There were a thousand and ten what if’s that crossed my mind.

In that moment I remembered some very important things on the eve of Christmas.

One being that Christmas is not about anything materialistic. It is about Jesus, love, giving (not always monetarily), family, gratitude, laughter and joy. Without those facets, it is not Christmas, rather just another day.

I also realized we cannot choose our families.  We are born into them and that will never change. My family may be very different than most, may get on my everlasting nerves, may not do the things I would like them to do and some of us may even be estranged. But at the end of the day they are my family. We are blood and there is nothing in the world like family. Good, bad and indifferent. There will come a time when your only wish is to be surrounded by family; and it may not be possible. So you better enjoy them while you can.

Lastly, I realized the screenplay for our lives has already been written by the one and only Director. There are many things I wish to change about my life. However, what I have failed to realize is that everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be at the exact moment it’s supposed to be. God uses those things in which we don’t understand for His greater purpose.

So this Christmas I’m going to live in the moment.

Thank you God for the birth of Your son that would later die on the cross for our sins. I’m going to hug and kiss my family just because. Most importantly I am going to work on me.

If Bene is a better person the world around her will be seen more for its good than its bad. Instead of feeling like “it’s just me against the world” I will start to see the good in everything and everyone.

The energy you put into the Universe is what you get in return.

Merry Christmas