Kelly Rowland Poses Topless for VIBE

Go Kelly!

I’ll admit, my first thought was to immediately cast Kelly in the same boat as Keyshia Cole, Keri Hilson and Ciara when I heard she posed topless for VIBE’s latest issue. The timing of it all appeared to be an attempt to turn up the sexy  in an attempt to sell more records. The more buzz the better the record sales.

I had to check myself when someone posed the question about our society’s policing of women’s bodies that I too had been guilty of doing. She asked:

“Have our politics brought us to the point where we don’t allow women spaces to make decisions about what they want to do with their bodies?

Good question J. Why is the public so critical of women expressing their sexuality? Is there not a a space for women to pose topless or nude without assuming “she’s trying to sell records?” Or without people thinking it’s “slut behavior?” The quotes are verbatim the type of comments I read en masse on blogs. Can women just live? Free to do as they wish with their own bodies? The answer should be yes. Unfortunately, we have a long way to go.

*Will update this with a link to J’s post if she chooses to write on it. Trust, it will be well worth the read.

  • ChuckWilmore

    I would love to read some replies to this…How is it that everyone is silent on this topic? Bene’ you have definitely drawn a mature fanbase. *kudos*

  • Tman

    I’m not in favor of women or men posing naked, I think its indecent.
    Kelly was definitely doing it to sell something, if not records, or did the proceeds go to charity, perhaps enhance her image, get people talking?
    A random question: If I agreed to have someone eat and kill me, would that be wrong?