Before bed I headed over to a gossip blog I frequent to see exactly how much Kim K. made off of her wedding this past Saturday. While most people go broke trying to wed the love of their life, Kim was getting paid by sponsors for her lavish wedding to NBA baller Kris Humphries. There’s no point of me griping about how American consumerism and obsession with celebrities allows this type of profiting while Kim is somewhere singing Breezy’s “Look at me now…I’m getting paper.”

I scrolled down the page to see what the commenters had to say about the shenanigans. I swear some of these commenters should be comedians. The highly “liked” comments ranged from how sad our society is that people are starving in Somalia while a sex tape star is making millions off of a wedding, to praises for Kim K. getting paid. What was interesting was the discourse between two commenters guised as “Teddy Riley” and “Said-It.”  One woman expressed her frustrations that she was a virgin, getting her Associates degree, but would never make the money a talentless Kim K. has made. “It’s not fair!” she may as well have shouted. Fifty-two people liked her comment and felt her pain. But Teddy came in with the holds no barred lesson on the rich vs. everyone else. Below is the exchange. Errors are their own.

Teddy said:

Its because you bought into the biggest lie in America like most people listening to our broke parents!! Go to school, work hard, get a job, and you will make LOTS OF money!! HAHAHAHAHAAH LMAO!!! Lets break it down: You expect to make how much with an associates degree in psychology? People with Masters in Psychology barely make over $70,000!! And to even get there it will take you 15 years of bullshit. Trust me I know I have an aunt with a masters in psychology, sociology, and something else…doesnt matter because she is struggling to stay afloat like everyone else without those degrees. Now here is the thing, you bought in to this fallacy which exists not to keep you broke but to keep you average. To box you inside the middle class while the wealthy continue to exploit your need to be educated and employed by them. Now lets look at the other side of the matrix….where Kim Kardashian and family reside. These are the people who exploit and employ people like YOU, the entrepreneurs!!! They dont give a shit about going to college, and making themselves worthy of employers. Why? Because they understand this one basic concept!! YOU DONT GET RICH WORKING FOR OTHERS!!! I repeat: YOU DONT GET RICH WORKING FOR OTHERS!! So guess what they do, they own businesses!! They create brands, products,services for the free market. They let people pay them for things and not pay people. And you can call Kim talentless or whatever but guess what? She made millions in whats called BRANDING and LICENSING!!! She created a multi-million dollar brand out of her looks….until you can do that, you should be real quiet!!! There are many women that are better looking than Kim K…but all they can get with their looks is a decent man and some compliments. Kim and her mom turned her looks into an empire perfume, stores, shows, credit card ventures, events, multi-million dollar licensing deals. If thats not talent than I dont know what is. Most people go into deep debt from their wedding this chick is about to profit 17 million from it….in the words of Jay Z, “If you cant respect that your whole perspective is wack!!” Let me shut up because Im giving  game away to you lames for free. Now dont get me wrong Going to school, working hard, getting a job is not a bad road to follow because society needs professionals, teachers, doctors, psychologists etc, but dont believe its gonna make you anywhere close to what wealthy people are making!! You can live a decent life but be realistic. You aint never gonna ball like Kim K taking that path.

Said-It added:

What Teddy Riley said is 110% true. A degree gets you no where these days. Let’s be honest, look at the site you are on [redacted]. She’s making money off of you right now just by clicking on her site. That [redacted] banner SHE’S [redacted] getting paid to advertise to you. [Redacted] had a regular 9 to 5 too but she learned you make money by going into business for YOURSELF. Ppl may wonder why she’s at all these celeb events, she’s doing the same thing! Making a brand out of herself like Kim Kardashian did. Don’t be fooled. You have to make your own opportunities out here.

Teddy replied:

And with all the game we just gave away, which is practically a rough blueprint to get it…these lames are still complaining about going to school and not being rich. SMH!! They act like Kim just woke up one morning wealthy!! Trust me she worked harder than all of you put together. All you have to do in college, is read, and remember shit!! Study and grasp concepts! To get rich you gotta actually APPLY concepts. That’s the real work!!

And his Internet homie responded:

Exactly!! Some won’t even take a minute to study what we just said. I went to school got a degree and found out the college is meant for NETWORKING. It’s all about who you know and how you can benefit. College just means you’re trainable. That whole Kardashian fam is start and they are taking their friends with them (networking). We found of the truth on how it works but like you say they still won’t get it. Complaining won’t work you have to make opportunities for yourself.

 An educated woman stepped in to defend her degree(s) by arguing knowledge is power and degrees are necessary.  It is accountants and lawyers (all educated) who work for these entertainers, she argued. Teddy shut it down with his closing remarks:

Nobody is speaking against education, of course you cant be stupid in anything. But you dont need a formal degree to be wealthy. You just have to understand simple business principles. The wealthiest people I know personally never stepped foot in a college. But they educated themselves in their business mostly through trial and error. I know many many many degree carrying broke people, and they all walk around like they got it figured out. Degrees give people a delusional sense of accomplishment (emphasis my own). Im not against degrees and formal education because like I said before we need people in those fields to keep society running smooth and normal. BUT, if thats what you are pursuing just know that you are not going to be wealthy. Those are labors of love, especially teaching….especially teaching. In a nutshell: Education and degrees does not, and never has equated to wealth and money!!! The best it can do for you is give you a decent steady source of income and some self-esteem, lmao!! You can look down on people at the party because you got a Masters and they dont…give yourself a hand. Now if being a professional is the path you are taking you have no business even looking at entrepreneurs as if you are all doing the same thing. Kim and mom are hustlers you all are professionals. One is money orientated the other is field orientated/labor of love. Take your pick…do you wanna be apart of society or do you wanna get rich.

“If you can’t respect that your whole perspective is whack.” – Jay

*I know the title says a lesson on wealth and the discussion is really about being rich. I’m well aware that being rich and being wealthy are two different things. The Kardashians are the former where as Oprah and Mark Zuckerberg are the latter.

** I see Teddy’s point, but I also know the dangers of selling this idea that college is not necessary. There is a direct correlation in the betterment of people’s life with education vs. without education. I think the overall message is that college alone does not equal success, however you define that word. Success is not always determined by money. We also have to start having real conversations about the student loan debt in this country. What kind of sense does it make to have $75,000 in student loans when the field you’ve chosen will most likely keep you in a $50,000- $75,000 salary bracket? For me this exchange re-emphasized what I already thought about the importance of entrepreneurship and creating our own opportunities.