Kim K Never Thought About Racism Before Her Daughter, And Water Is Wet

In today’s shocking-to-no-one news, Kim Kardashian admits she’d never given racism or discrimination any thought because, well, it just wasn’t her problem.

In a post titled “On My Mind” posted to her website the Vogue cover girl wrote:

To be honest, before I had North, I never really gave racism or discrimination a lot of thought. It is obviously a topic that Kanye is passionate about, but I guess it was easier for me to believe that it was someone else’s battle. But recently, I’ve read and personally experienced some incidents that have sickened me and made me take notice. I realize that racism and discrimination are still alive, and just as hateful and deadly as they ever have been.

Kim wants to take a pledge to ensure all children grow up in a world free of judgment because of race or sexual orientation.

“So the first step I’m taking is to stop pretending like this isn’t my issue or my problem, because it is, it’s everyone’s,” she wrote.

Better late than never, Kimmy Cakes. I’m not mad at her for at least wanting to stop pretending racism isn’t her problem. Like she said, it is everyone’s.

However, one must wonder how racism was never addressed pre-Kanye with all the black men Kim K’s dated, including the one she married at 19, the one who is the ultimate source of her fame (hi, Ray J), the second one she married (what up Kris Humphries) and the one she’s engaged to and had the gorgeous North West with.

Racism just wasn’t a thing Kim could worry her pretty little brain with.

Did none of these men ever talk about the day-to-day struggles of being a black man in America with their darling eye candy? Did they talk about anything other than…never mind. Perhaps they didn’t discuss race because they were the “new black” (looking at you Pharrell) where racism isn’t a thing because “black isn’t a color, it’s a spirit, and it’s ubiquitous.”

(Chile these “new black” Negroes are exhausting.)

When racism made national headlines like the Rodney King case (she was young, I know) or Sean Bell or Donald Trump’s not so subtle racism insisting president Obama prove he’s American or president Obama being called the “food stamp president” or Jordan Davis, did Kim bury her head in the sand? Was she too busy X-raying her booty for ratings to prove to America it was real? Was she out tanning?

It’s not just Kim though, as vapid as she is. Bless her heart. This is how white privilege works. White people have the privilege of walking around every single day without ever having to think about race. People of color aren’t so privileged.

Hopping on black peen doesn’t mean Kim—or anyone else who dates black men/woman—knows a thing about racism or discrimination. Obviously. It also doesn’t mean they can’t be racist, but hey, I’m not even supposed to be blogging right now. We’ll table that for later.

Get your girl a few books, Ye. May I suggest Nella Larsen’s Passing or Race Matters by Cornel West or the Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison or Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison or one of my personal favorites The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.

Racism is real out here in these streets, Kimmy. Even for your millionaire fiancé who is constantly critiquing how the fashion industry basically told him, ‘you can’t sit with us.’

Help her out, Ye!


Hopefully Kim is also reconsidering her decision to raise her daughter to be colorblind. All of us who can see will see color, always. Seeing race isn’t the problem. It’s when there’s a system designed to oppress and discriminate against people because of race  that is. Colorblindness isn’t the goal; it’s accepting and appreciating people for their racial differences .

North West will be biracial, but she will not be exempt from racism that is inevitable for people of color, particularly blacks. Depending on her skin tone as she gets older, that beautiful baby may be viewed by the world as a black girl and later black woman.

It’d be helpful if  she had a mama who was fully aware of what that’ll entail.

  • Kim

    Lordd. I seriously know I should be happy she made this realization but I can’t help but be angry that she has JUST realized this. What the hell child? She literally proved all my assumptions right.I’ve been tryna figure out what the hell she and Ye could possibly have a conversation about at the dinner table…this is what I assumed and she proved it. Damn Kim. DAMN YE. Check yo girl.

  • Depending on her skin tone? Chile all you need is to tan too easily and have that dark skinned man pick you up from school and they will ALWAYS consider her black. It’s like Toni Childs momma told Todd on Girlfriends, “In America that is a black baby with good hair!”
    But I’m so here for you on all these other points. Kris “what are you” Humphries never discusses race/color with her? I KNOW that has been a big deal in his life. I’m curious (and slightly frightened) to see what happens with North’s development considering her parents differing experiences and standpoints with racism.

    • writtenbyBene

      All truth. I was giving the benefit of the doubt that perhaps she’ll be seen as biracial as things continue to change. Plus, perhaps she’ll not want to identify as black. Something tells me Ye likes women who don’t talk or have opinions about much. I’ve never understood how an artist who is so driven by race with super pro-black parents could end up with K, who doesn’t want her daughter to see race. What the hell do they talk about? Will be interesting to see.

      • Every time I see a pic of them I wonder what they talk about. Particularly when Yeezus dropped because the most artistic or conscious people where like, “Huh?” so I can’t imagine her reaction when he played it for her. Forget the On the Run Tour, I’d pay $1000 to see them converse for three hours.

  • Catch22

    What I find to be problematic and ironic is how race has eluded Kim her whole life when the very reason most people even know of her last name is because it was tied to to her father’s client’s murder trial that was essentially crouched in racism.

    • Catch22


    • Don’t forget she’s only ever dated black guys (that we know of). How can you say you don’t see race when the only people you date seem to all look alike, and not like the people you grew up with?

      • Catch22

        Like Bene referenced, Kim is a glaring example of white privilege. They don’t have to view the world outside of themselves. And it’s unfortunate that it took her bi-racial child for her to see the world is a messed up place.

    • writtenbyBene

      That’s a word right there!

  • Briea

    It seems her prior relationships were shrouded in materialistic and superficial values. Maybe that’s why it never dawned on her or why she never had that discussion with her previous partners (or better yet why they all failed). But I am glad she had that realization. A lot of white women who date outside of their race or vice versa don’t ever realize what it will entail raising a black son or daughter because they never had to be bothered with race relations. And another, slightly related point… this goes to show that Kanye’s obsession with her is purely based on looks/image. They had a child and never discussed how she would be raised or how they would explain her background? Doesn’t sound like someone u are hoping to spend your life with. I give it two years tops.

  • AmericanBoi

    I guess i never expected just because Kim has bagged a bus load of black men that she would “really” understand the depths of racism seeing how she amongst the “privileged” class that simply don’t have to deal with it the way we do.

    I’ve never believed that someone who hasnt really gone through what someone is going through will full understand it. They may be compassionate about it, and they may be sensitive to it because they understand that it offends and is offensive…but do they really get it? Like REALLY get it like the person who’s going through it? I don’t believe they do.

    Being a heterosexual is a privilege in this day and age, and I’m more that most don’t even understand half of the foolishness homosexuals have to go through. How in certain countries simply being ALIVE is a privilege for them, and is not for homosexuals.

    A white man will never understand the shit that a black man has to go through on a daily basis. How we have to be conscious of everything around us and every situation at hand taking place. Because at any moment any situation could spiral out of control, authorities get involved, and we are then forced to try and be even less intimidating than we already are simply because we are black. We can’t even walk to the corner store in a hoodie and make it home alive. You think a white man can wrap his mind around that? Of course not. You black people must be doing something more then merely EXISTING to get the treatment you get…when in actuality its like “nope…we’re not. We’re just living.”

    And for some reason Bene (we’re on 1st name basis in my mind, sorry.), i can’t find it in my heart to be angry or even disappointed in them for not understanding. I kind of think it just is what it is. I DO expect them to conscious, and aware, and empathetic. But not sympathetic. Because they know, but they don’t REALLY know.