A former lover loved Jean Grae. He was a stan. It was cute. He’d tried to force her on me every time the opportunity presented itself. His new girlfriend appreciates what I didn’t. They listen to her together.

I liked the idea of her but wasn’t all the way into the flow although she is a lyrical beast. On one of those long trips from Manhattan to Long Island I finally hit play on Cookie or Comas. It had some joints. “Blame Game.” There was another song I’d play on repeat from one of her LPs but have since forgotten.

I rediscovered Jean reading Maya’s timeline. She tweeted the lyrics to “U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow.” Girl, listen. No. Really listen.

Rap references because you get em all…

I think
Too much
Over analyzing everything sucks
I’m over over-dramatizing everything but
You’re never on the level I’m on, unless we’re cut-ting
Plus then we never argued when thrusting but then
After all, it just turns to dust, brother
Swear I’d never love another if this really worked out
But this is just like watching fitness informercials from the couch
I know, you’re lazy
It’s easier to pick a partner less crazy
Much less work, less purpose, less of A to Z
Cause I’m an alpha, bet it’s hard to stay with me

For ever doubting Jean, I apologize.