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It is not uncommon for the mister and I to discuss a range of topics while eating dinner. We laugh, get passionate, and agree to disagree on everything from the latest news to celebrities to thought provoking articles we’ve read. Usually the conversation shifts to the state of our community because this is one of […]

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Yesterday, I rushed to the city to meet with a guy of a well-known business. *John was very chilled, laid back and deeply passionate about the brand he worked for even with the picture of him w/the Vice President at the White House on his bookshelf. It was the most informal interview I’d ever had, […]

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More on Natural Hair

On October 13, 2010 By

In July I wrote “The Hair Politics of Natural vs. Permed, a commentary article for Essence’s website after growing tired of the divisive debate and natural hair roll call on Twitter. In the article I admit the topic has been discussed ad nauseum, and how unproductive that debate can be.  On […]

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Per usual my daily morning routine is wake up, check my Blackberry, read emails, get on Twitter, turn on computer, read and write.

In doing research for today’s post, which has now been postponed, I stumbled across an article titled “Black College Graduates Face Bumpy Roads” on the American Renaissance website. The […]

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As a mid twenty something woman I could not imagine allowing my family to uphold dictatorship over my life.  Especially not for the purposes of adhering to the accepted norm of society or family tradition.

We come from two very different worlds, which I understood from the first day we met. But I didn’t […]

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The Product Known as Beyonce

On November 19, 2009 By


When the idea of creating a blog began floating around in my brain I vowed to be unique by dedicating my blog to things of substance. The blogosphere is already over-saturated with those celebrity/entertainment obsessive sites; and personally I think that ship has sailed. By no means am I knocking those sites as I […]

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